Youth Information and Consulting Center Thirst for Life


Youth Information and Consulting Center Thirst for life within the administrative area of ​​Sliven offers quality and affordable alternative for young people in the region by providing a set of best practices and current information and consulting services, various youth volunteering and training for beneficiaries aged between 15 and 29 years from different ethnic and social groups.

Among the planned activities are consultative sessions with a psychologist and a social worker, organizing trainings for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and addictions, voluntary share to protect the environment, hold a roundtable on "Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship" and the creation of the so-called Free Zone for the young people with a special emphasis on popular street art like graffiti, beatbox and break dance, dances and songs.

The innovative nature of this project is reflected in its strong integration character wanting services to reach as many young people from small towns with limited capabilities. Team-YICC ZhzZh organizes monthly visits to Kotel, Tvarditsa and Nova Zagora and Sliven in surrounding villages and thus informs all young people regardless of their ethnicity, socio-economic status and financial capabilities for current competitions internships, volunteer shares, training and entertainment, enabling them to become part of at least one of the biggest events in the town of Sliven, organized by YICC-ZhzZh.

The main purpose of "YICC - Thirst for Life" is to create conditions for the full development of young people in the city of Sliven and adjoining administrative area, including the towns of Kotel, Tvarditsa and Nova Zagora, providing a range of quality and affordable information and consultancy services various youth volunteering and training for young people.

The specific objectives of the project "YICC - Thirst for Life" emphasis on:

  1. Increase the motivation of young people to their personal development and expansion of opportunities for participation in the life of local communities by facilitating access to information, expanding training opportunities, voluntary work and youth initiatives;
  2. Supporting the initiative and activity of various youth communities in Sliven region and adaptability to European values ​​and standards for youth work through consulting, training and technical support for the implementation of youth initiatives and projects;
  3. Develop the capacity of youth workers and NGOs in the Sliven region, working in youth communities and promote the exchange of experiences and best practices

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