Experts and associates who working on this project form groups for support and self-helping from young people from different subgroups. In those groups human rights, obligations and how to overcome cases of human rights violations are being showed. The youngsters from the Roma community are informed to whom and how they should react in cases of human rights violation. They are also developing skills to recognize and oppose domestic violence and trafficking.  

By heading seminars the participants are trained in the main principles of the volunteering. They acquire skills for mediation and field work. Social workers and public administration representatives also took place in the trainings, where they get much more familiar with the young people, their problems, ideas, opinions and they answer to the young people questions of their own qualification. In the same time the young people are trained in the field of domestic violence and human trafficking, their nature and the mechanism of defending and recognizing them. The emphasis is on developing skills and knowledge needed to deal in risky situation, for overcoming the addiction from risky social and family environment.

By holding public campaigns the message of the project will reach a better number of young people in risky groups easily and faster. 

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Have you test yourself for HIV / AIDS?

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No - 31.3%
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