Data show that young Roma in Bulgaria have limited access to medical care than the majority of the population. Medical treatment is often of lower quality, which results in implicit discrimination. Many Roma live in neighborhoods with limited access to hospitals, and in many places difficult to cover by GPs and are subject to discriminatory attitudes of health care professionals. Barriers to quality health care are most common in young Roma risky behavior, drug users and prostitutes. Their problems are not usually taken seriously and are ignored. Discrimination based on ethnicity young Roma prevents equal access to quality health care.

Our primary goal is advocacy for the empowerment of young Roma with risk behavior to exercise their constitutional right of equal access to health and health care. Our work in this area identifies techniques to combat and reduce the negative attitudes of health professionals towards young Roma.
The program includes a youth risk behavior of the Roma community in Sliven - Sliven municipality Tvarditsa Boiler and Nova Zagora. The aim is to create conditions for better understanding, communication and cooperation among young Roma association "Thirst for Life" and representatives of the responsible institutions / Health Insurance, Regional health inspection, health services places, hospitals /.

Program activities include three components tasked:
Promoting non-discriminatory treatment of young Roma with risk behavior (including drug users, sex workers, young Roma who practice unprotected sex with different partners, transgender youth and MSM) of medical professionals (doctors and nurses), hospitals, health insurance fund, regional health inspection and health departments of the municipalities.

Empowering young people of Roma origin with risk behavior to exercise their rights in health care.
Obtain data on barriers to access to health care faced by them.
Cooperation with local institutions and media.

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