Association ”Thirst for Life” become a part of National Volunteer Network

Since the beginning of September 2013, Association "Thirst for Life" became part of the network of National Alliance for Volunteer Action (NAVA) – Plovdiv By joining the association in the network, Sliven is one of the 35 cities in which there are so called:
"Centers for work with volunteers".

As host of volunteers from across the country, "Thist for Life" - Sliven shared mission and goals of the National Volunteer Network.

The mission of NAVA, and "Thirst for Life" is to revive voluntary tradition in Bulgaria and to change community attitudes towards volunteering by organizing various initiatives that attract maximum number of people from the community and promote the values ​​of volunteering.
Strategic objectives of NAVA is to promote volunteering as a form of civic participation, to partner with the local authorities in the implementation of local social and youth policy, to contribute to legislate the terms and forms of voluntary work in Bulgaria to develop social services for prevention and reintegration of children at risk and support their families and etc.
As part of National Network, Association "Thirst for Life" has the ability to motivate young people to participate in voluntary initiatives, as well as to advance their capacity through a number of trainings organized by NAVA.
The choice of the National Alliance partnership with "Thirst for Life" is not random. Association is preferred because it has proven experience working with volunteers in various programs in every social sphere more than 3 years. From 2009 until now to "Thirst for life" has growing volunteers club under the Program for Prevention and Control of HIV / AIDS of the Ministry of Health. Since the beginning of 2013 the association "Thirst for Life" has opened the Youth Information and Counseling Center in Sliven (YICC-ZhzZh). The high quality of work "Thirst for Life" with volunteers reflected by the number of young people in the club - more than 30 youngsters at age of 15-25 years old.


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Have you test yourself for HIV / AIDS?

Yes - 62.5%
No - 31.3%
Not for me - 6.3%

Total votes: 16


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