ASSOCIATION "Thirst for Life" is a partner in Program for building YOUTH CENTER in ICHERA

Youth Centre for Education and Inclusion will be built in Ichera . This is a project being carried by Sliven Municipality in partnership with the association " Thirst for Life ." The project cost 1,029,858, 80 € and it is working out under Component 1 of the program "Children and Youth at Risk " funded by Norwegian Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014 year in the period September 2013 - April 2016

One of the goals of the project is this Center in Ichera to meet the high standards of the Council of Europe international youth training facilities, like those in Strasbourg ( France) and Budapest (Hungary) . Within the project activities the team of Sliven Municipality and their partners association "Thirst for Life" will implement a series of outreach activities consolidated into five separate training packages ( leisure time of young people; educational reintegration of youth at risk; to promote a multicultural approach and tolerance among young people of different ethnic communities; inclusion of disabled people; to promote sports, culture and local traditions; ) . They will be supervised by five highly qualified youth workers and two Roma mediators trained by the Council of Europe under Component 3 of the program .

After accompletion of construction activities in the youth center in Ichera , the team of youth workers and Roma mediators will begin conducting regular training sessions and workshops for young people from vulnerable groups of Sliven and surroundings. Ichera expected to become a host and attracts various national and international events in the field of youth policy. Centre for Education and Inclusion - Ichera will have modern and multifunctional training facilities as well as comfortable hotel and restaurant to provide a meaningful learning process of young people. Youth workers in Ichera will follow the high standards of the Council of Europe in implementing the soft measures of educational integration , social inclusion and full participation of young Roma people in the life of Sliven. They will manage their own library of translated materials from leading publications of the Council of Europe in the youth field, and seven of their own youth center editions, covering different approaches to the integration of youth at risk. According to the requirements of the donor Youth Centre in Ichera will maintain its own bilingual website which will promote his work with young people from Bulgaria and member states of the Council of Europe. As part of the plan to apply for a Certificate of Quality by Council of Europe, the center will host a series of more than a dozen national and international training courses for youth. As a result of activities of more than 240 young people will pass structured trainings for achieving key competencies related to skills for intercultural communication, language, computer literacy and healthy lifestyle.
Association "Thirst for Life" - Sliven is a partner in the project, because it is only one in the region a non-governmental organization that is licensed by the State Agency "Child Protection" for work with children at risk - this was a fundamental requirement for the project under the donor program.


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