imunTraditionally, each year in the last week of April, the World Health Organization, health authorities and the medical community organize various events to promote the benefits of vaccines. The main objective of the initiative is to increase the immunization coverage in the countries by expanding the awareness among parents, healthcare workers and the media about the importance of immunization.

Association "Thirst for Life" expresses its support as a representative of the National Patient Organization for Sliven. "Thirst for Life" activities to raise people's awareness of vaccines and their vital function.

As a result of its active work in 2016, National Patient Organization launched the National Information Campaign "Vacsinko".
Its aims are to provide accessible, reliable and comprehensive information on vaccines and vaccine prophylaxis, to enable parents to ask their questions on the subject, to show the benefits of adherence to the Obligatory Immunization Calendar, to inform about the dangers of missing mandatory immunizations and opportunities for reporting adverse reactions. Vacsinco is carried out under the patronage of the Ministry of Health and together with the Bulgarian Red Cross, the Bulgarian Pediatric Association and the National Association of General Practitioners in Bulgaria.

The National Patient Organization, as the main driving force of the Vaccinco campaign, welcomes all efforts at national and global level to raise awareness of vaccine preventative diseases and to maintain high immunization coverage as ways to protect the population from many deadly diseases.

This year, the World Health Organization puts the focus of the European immunization week on immunization as an individual right to health and shared responsibility. The worrying tendency of the past few years, more and more people have doubts about the need of vaccines and their safety, which poses an ever greater challenge to us. We are obliged to protect the right of every little child to health, as required by international legal codes and national laws. We also have a duty to inform people that with their refusal of vaccinations they can harm others, thereby violating their right to health.

Today, immunizations are more important than before. The maturity of our society today allows us to protect the more vulnerable among us - chronically ill and newborn. Vaccination also helps combat an ever-growing problem - antibiotic resistance. Therefore, today, in the context of widespread awareness, it is extremely important to make responsible decisions based on serious research and information from reliable and verified sources. The World Health Organization this year chose the topic of the World Immunization Week, part of which is the European Week, "Protected Together, Vaccines Work". And we can add that only protected we can be together.

National Patient Organization is the largest patient association in Bulgaria, including more than 85 organizations engaged with various socially significant and rare diseases. The NPO is a full member of the European Patient Forum (EPF) and the International Association of Patient Organizations (IAPO). The association actively participates in the development of the European and Bulgarian policies in the sphere of healthcare.

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