thirstforlife logo transp1Association "Thirst for Life" - Sliven launched its new project "Advocacy Center for legal empowerment and social accountability in the Roma communities in Sliven". The project is funded under the Public Health Program of Open Society Foundations.

Within the project "Thirst for Life", we will carry out community monitoring of health services, focusing on the activities carried out by doctors in the National Programs for Children's Health and Maternal Health. Through the survey, we will assess the access and quality of health services in the field of maternal and child healthcare, as well as the sexual and reproductive health of young people. In the project we also take into account the parallel approach of legal empowerment of young people from the Roma ethnic group. The approach itself allows specially trained people to give direct legal assistance on the spot, within the community. In this way, we aim, for example, to overcome the problem related to the lack of knowledge about and thus not submitting written complaints of discrimination to the relevant institutions..

The emphasis in the project is on increasing the quantity and quality of access to health services aimed at ensuring the optimum health of the woman and the fetus from the onset of pregnancy until the child reaches 42 days.

We plan to create an Advocacy Center that will disseminate information on human rights to the local Roma community and their rights to health authorities at different levels.

To achieve the objectives of the project, we also work closely with the Commission for Protection against Discrimination in Sliven. Here the focus will be on documenting violations of health rights. *Litigations will also be used for advocacy in the form of testimony of victims and witnesses, official data, audio and video recordings, and other material to raise awareness of misconduct.* At the end of the project implementation, we must achieve an increased number of home visits by doctors to newborns after birth, active identification and immunization of non-immunized Roma children, and the creation of an advocacy center within the organization to support public advocacy initiatives related to health.

The project is one year long and will end in the middle of 2019.

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