Association "Thirst for Life" works on a project for young mothers

At the beginning of December 2016 Association “Thirst for Life” started its work on the following project: "Monitoring visits of doctors of newborn babies in Nadezhda district, Sliven".

The aim of the project is to draw the attention of pregnant women and future parents to their health rights and obligations.

It also aims to facilitate access to primary health care after childbirth. According to the Bulgarian legislation, their personal doctors should visit them within their home within 24 hours of being hospitalized. Last but not least, the mothers should be aware that the child should be immunized after birth, according to the immunization calendar in Bulgaria.

thirstforlife logo transp1Within the project, specialists hold weekly meetings with young women, pregnant and newly born. We organize a number of round tables where we raise issues related to improving the health culture, developing commitment to the rights and obligations of mothers with newborn children. Roundtables involve both community representatives and interested institutions. For a wider range of project activities, we organize a number of information campaigns on the need for immunization.

Along with all activities, monitoring of access to healthcare in the community is also ongoing.

The project is funded by the Public Health Program of Open Society Foundations and lasts for 12 months.

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