EMS2 4Association "Thirst for Life" and the young people from Sliven proved that life with Erasmus+ really has no borders. Actions took place in the City Garden of Sliven on May 5, 2017. The initiative: The life of Erasmus without borders was concluded in a series of events organized by “Thirst for Life”. All of the activities were dedicated to the European Youth Week in Sliven. Young people demonstrated a great level of knowledge about European countries and their capitals, but they also received a lot of new knowledge. On a special scratch map of the world they had to recognize the capitals of the countries and answer questions related to some countries in the world.

The next stage in the competition was the treasure hunting. Plenty of items were hidden in different places in the City Garden. Many visitors in the park were amazed by the sight of young people running around, looking for something in strange places - razors, benches, billboards. There were also tips helping the participants to find their bearings. Attracted by the fun, many people came to ask what all is about. They understood about the European Youth Week and the opportunities it offers for the Erasmus+ Youth and the European Volunteering programs.

With lots of emotions and incredibly good mood, the game was over and the winners received their awards.

Earlier that same week, our Erasmus + volunteers met with students in several high schools in Sliven. There, in the discussion forms, they explain the nature of the Program and the opportunities for personal development that it offers for them. With personal examples, volunteers attract the attention of graduating students.EMS2 1

The most fun thing happened when volunteers and students commented that volunteering in another European country is just tourism. Volunteers explain that their projects in other countries are related to topics they are familiar with. However, this does not limit the ability of volunteers to get acquainted with the culture and landmarks of the country concerned. They state that when completing the project, volunteers receive a Europass certificate.

The European Youth Week was held for eighth time in a row from May 1 to 7. It takes place in 33 countries participating in the Erasmus+ program. European Youth Week this year runs under the slogan "Do it, move it, be it". The aim was to encourage young people to build their future by participating in discussions on the future of EU youth policy, traveling abroad through the Erasmus+ Mobility Program.

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