Nadejda EVSOur volunteers from Erasmus + Elena and Vicky are impressed by the young people in Sliven, their knowledge, skills and diverse interests. The two girls from Spain and Italy work on the topics of prevention of sexually transmitted infections with young people from Nadezhda neighborhood. Sincerity and positive attitude attracts them to the activities there. The daily life of the girls includes numerous meetings with students from Sliven working upon the same topic - safe and sensible sex life. Elena and Vicky tell that Sliven is not one of the big cities, but as everywhere in Bulgaria, people are hospitable and open-minded for local and foreign people.

Sometimes they are surprised by the typical manifestations of incompetence combined with chaos for our country, but they add that knowing how to handle chaos is one of the most important skills a person can possess.

The girls are impressed by the nature of Bulgaria, by its variety and charm.

Alongside with their project activities with Erasmus+ both volunteers are mainly entertained by young people who are also volunteers from different countries here in Sliven city.

For sure what is going to be remembered by the local people and the volunteers is the preparation of the anti-spy campaign "Safe love" for February 14th. They actively participated in the organization of the schools for their participation in the concert-spectacle, which was initiated by Association "Thirst for Life".

With lots of enthusiasm and proper attitude Elena, Vicky and their mentor Plamena have made interesting decorations related to Valentine's Day. The attention was caught by the posters and drawings in Bulgarian language, which they drew on their own.

Elena and Vicky have their own blog where they write articles about their work and life here in Bulgaria. If you want to read more about their experiences check out this page: https://evsinsliven.wordpress.com/

Selected moments


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