“Thirst for Life” Association is organizing a discussion about the provincial health map of Sliven

thirstforlife logo transp1The “Thirst for Life” Association – Sliven together with the National Patients Organization (NPO) are conducting a discussion meeting in relation to the recently published, by the minister of Healthcare, Order for the forming of a commission with the purpose of creating provincial health maps. The discussion will be led on the 25th of September 2015 (Friday) at 10:30 in the small hall of the “National Palace” hotel complex in Sliven.

Representatives of institution that are directly linked to the creation of the provincial health map are invited to participate in the discussion.

The meeting is going to be conducted according to the planned event of the “Monitoring and advocacy of the young people” project, with the financial support of the “Open Society” Foundation.

Following the project, there is a consecution of activities planned, a part of which are discussion meetings with the purpose of reviewing the advocacy of the young people for equal access to healthcare and health rights., their main problems with access to the healthcare system and the development of the capacity of “Thirst for Life” Association – Sliven in the sphere of advocacy.

We from the “Thirst for Life” Association and the National Patients Organization consider a priority the advancement of the collaboration between the organizational authorities at a local level as well as the involvement of more people, organizations and institutions for the improvement of the healthcare. 

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