Association “Thirstforlife” keep working on its activities for advocacy in healthcare, supported by RomaHealth project  by Open Society Foundation. ”Monitoring and advocacy on young Roma healthcare” Project is focused on the following three directions :
* Empowering of young Roma  for equal access to health care and healthcare rights. This can be realized through discussion forums, focus-groups and working with the institutions.
* Developing the capacity of  “Thirstforlife” inthefield of advocacy. For the implementation of this project an external expert - Stanimir Hasardzhiev will participate, who is a president of the National Patients Organization

* Holding a mass campaign on local level concerning young people healthcare access
The focus of our advocacy activity is to fight the multiplied discrimination- i.e. discrimination based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, risky behavior. At the moment, the violation of the healthcare rights to the young people appears to be unnoticed and the institutions are not able to provide a support necessary to the people who had their rights violated. The fact that is particularly worrying is that young Roma are not aware and have no information about how to protect their health rights and how to implement their right to healthcare access. We believe that young people are the most aware of their own needs , regardless their ethnicity background, sexual orientation, gender and behavior. We have this mutual target to prevent discrimination against Roma’s in the field of healthcare. This situation is quite worrying for a country member of the European Union. We believe that precautions have to be taken in order the problem to be overcome so all needed resources and partners must be mobilized. As a part of this project we consider to engage as much people, organizations and institutions as possible to work together in this direction.

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Have you test yourself for HIV / AIDS?

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No - 31.3%
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