Informational campaign, regarding domestic violence and human trafficking started in May

An informational campaign about domestic violence, human trafficking and discrimination acts has been started from Association “Thirst for life”- Sliven,in the beginning of May. The campaign is directed toward young people in risk, mainly with Roma background, and includes holding of outside happenings and other public events, the aim of which is to direct the attention of the adolescents toward these problematic topics- was said by “Thirst for life” at their press conference.

Meanwhile, the experts andassociates of the organization have formed support and self-helping groups from young people. In these groups they discuss human rights, obligations and the ways to overcome if violated. The joint activities for this project had been started at the end of the previous year, and there are hundreds of young people participating so far. During the meeting the participants express their concerns about the remaining of the problems with human trafficking, discrimination and domestic violence, moreover they are asking questions and looking for support of our team, have been revealed by the organization. Meetings with media are being planned in the frame of the informational campaign, and the final will be big and attractive concert.

The project “Together against discrimination, domestic violence and human trafficking- social engagement and empowering of youngRoma’s” is granted in frame of Program for help NGO in Bulgaria by the Financial mechanism on European Economy space 2009-2014/ /

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