Young people politics and how to participate in them, were discussed in Bansko

Young people from all over the country and local authority’s representatives had a discussion over youth politics on a 6 day meeting that took place near Bansko. The meeting were organized by “Thirst for life”” Association- Sliven. The topic of the discussion was” Young people participation in the local youth politics- structure dialogue with local authorities”.

 Good practices in this field were shared during the discussions. As a good example was given Smolyan Municipality, where the youngsters are very much involved in the society useful activities. Not good practices related with the young people in some areas of the country, were also pointed. Exactly those shared practices leaded to the result we expected- changes suggested for youth politics both in local and in national level. The participants had the opportunity to practice their communicative skills and abilities in talking with the authorities and trying to convince them to accept young people ideas for youth activities. The working part of the forum was focused on stimulating young people, to be more actively involved in local youth policies and in the taken decision process. Local authorities and National agencies representative got the participants familiar with the mechanism of working with young people. All the parts interested took place in the meeting, such as youth organization representatives, municipality administration representatives, media’s representatives, Ngo’s representatives and young people- volunteering in different areas of the country” This meeting had very realistic goal. Ad it is achieved. Particular suggestions for changes in number of fields related to the youth policies in Bulgaria are now fact. .  It turned out that in different places of the country the picture is different. Maybe we should start from there and to use the potential and the capacity of the young people in our country instead of making them looking for development abroad” – said Doctor Stefan Stefanov the president of “Thirst for Life” association- Sliven in conclusion.  The meeting was very useful and successful. We needed it. We set our watches and share experience and contacts with other municipalities. Thanks to the organizers”- participants commented at the end of the forum.

The national meeting was funded by Program Erasm+ and was also administrated by the Center for human resources development

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