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Association "Thirst for Life"is a nonprofit organization established in 2005. The main activities of the association are related to education and direct work with different groups of people - those with risky sexual behavior, drug addiction, youth with disabilities, young people with delinquent behavior, young people from the Roma community and an outstanding young people from elite schools.

Mission and main goal of the organization is to reduce the health, social and cultural damage among one of the most vulnerable risk groups in our society - young people with high risk behavior. Our task is to update the continuity between generations in the Roma community and at risk groups. This includes the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, harm reduction of drug use, development of health, social and cultural level of young people from the Roma society. We aim to build and operate a modern network of health, social and legal protection of young people with risky behavior by establishing a new approach for respecting their human rights and dignity.


  • Dr. Stefan Stefanov - (Executive) Director
  • Veselin Tsvetanov - Program Director
  • Raya Popova - psychologist, sector "Training"
  • Daniel Hristov - sector "Information operations"
  • Tatiana Veleva - sector 'Consulting'
  • Dr. Plamena Todorova - sector "SBS"
  • Georgi Popov - sector "Volunteer activities" & "Free Zone"
  • Stefan Kirilov - outreach worker
  • Natasha Todorova - outreach worker
  • Doroteja Karamanova - outreach worker
  • Margarita Stefanova - Accountant

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Have you test yourself for HIV / AIDS?

Yes - 62.5%
No - 31.3%
Not for me - 6.3%

Total votes: 16


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8800 Sliven, Bulgaria
6 Raiko Daskalov, floor 1, office 1


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