Association "Thirst for Life" develops a club with over 30 volunteers aged between 14 to 20 years. All of them have gone through several trainings on various topics focusing on the prevention of HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections/diseases. Volunteers are facing real-life situations through interactive methods used by "Thirst for Life" in its work with young people. Volunteers share their knowledge using the "peer education" technique.

The club was established in December 2010. Since then, young people have met with hundreds of their peers in various social institutions as well as in the office of the organization.

Another key milestone in the volunteer activity is providing information on the need to lead a healthy sex life and how young people can protect themselves from dangerous sexually transmitted infections and, above all, from the deadly HIV virus. This is done through the so-called Work on a field where young people meet their peers in places where they meet. In addition to information materials and counseling, volunteers also provide condoms as the safest precautionary tool and direct those wishing to free and anonymous HIV-status research.

Under the "Prevention and Control of HIV-AIDS", funded by the Ministry of Health, together with a team of volunteers representing "Thirst for Life" - the largest and most innovative AIDS campaign in Sliven.

In addition to local trainings, a large number of volunteers in the club also went through 4 national 10-day training sessions, which took place as a camp at the Kovachevtsi and Dolni Lozen where the youngsters met with their colleagues from across the country.

The volunteers of "Thirst for Life" also realized the charity called "Action 11" and "Action 12", which were related respectively to 11.11.2011 and 12.12.2012. In the framework of these initiatives the young people from the club as well as their friends gathered unused clothes and tools that donated to disadvantaged children in Sliven social institutions, although outside the organization's core activities, the “Thirst for Life” team supported the initiative because it came from young people to help their needy peers.

After two years of meetings and trainings at the club, the co-workers say that they have discovered many valuable friends here and learned a lot about themselves and about communicating with others.

"Moment of pleasure could cost your life" therefore our slogan is “Let's be cautıous”.  At first we were 10 volunteers, after a few months we became 15, and now we are over 30. The trainings, the team and the cause motivate us to move forward! Because we are different, equal and informed!

For the successful work of "Thirst for Life" with the volunteer club, the continuing interest in new students wishing to engage and exercise one of the most valuable activities in more developed countries - volunteering - is testified.

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Have you test yourself for HIV / AIDS?

Yes - 62.5%
No - 31.3%
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